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Medal of Honor Warfighter

For Medal of Honor Warfighter, we currently offer message templates based on the following sources:

  • Battlelog/stats: Overall player stats, including statistics per weapon and vehicle

You can find more info about sources here.

Want to skip ahead to adding chat commands?

If you want to start creating and adding statbits-based commands to Nightbot, Streamlabs or StreamElements, check out our command builder. It provides a simple, graphical way of building a customized command for your chatbot of choice.

Stats source#

The stats source is available at

Supported platforms Supported types Identifiers
pc xbox360 ps3 players {{playerId}}:{{playerName}}

This source can automatically determine a player's id if only a playerName was given. In order to use this feature, provide only the player's name as the identifiers parameter. You should, however, provide the playerId if you can, since determining the id requires us to make an extra API call, resulting a slightly delayed reponse.

You can find details on how to find your player id below.


General statistics#

Template name Content
_link You can find a more detailed overview of {{{name}}}'s stats here: {{{value}}}
accuracy {{{name}}} has an overall accuracy of {{value}}%
hours {{{name}}} played {{game}} for a total of {{value}} hours
kd {{{name}}} has an overall k/d ratio of {{value.kdRatio}}
kills {{{name}}} killed {{value}} enemies
rank {{{name}}}'s current rank is: {{value.rankLabel}} ({{value.rank}})
summary-short-a {{{name}}}'s MOHW stats: {{value.hoursPlayed}}h {{value.minutesPlayed}}m played, {{value.kdRatio}} K/D, {{value.scorePerMinute}} SPM, {{value.killsPerMinute}} KPM, {{value.accuracy}}% accuracy, {{value.headshotRatio}}% headshots
Template name Content
_link Eine detailliertere Übersicht über {{{name}}}s Statistiken findest Du hier: {{{value}}}
accuracy {{{name}}}s Treffsicherheit liegt insgesamt bei {{value}}%
hours {{{name}}} hat insgesamt {{value}} Stunden lang {{game}} gespielt
kd {{{name}}} hat insgesamt eine k/d von {{value.kdRatio}}
kills {{{name}}} hat {{value}} Gegner getötet
rank {{{name}}}s aktueller Rang ist: {{value.rankLabel}} ({{value.rank}})
summary-short-a {{{name}}}s MOHW-Statistiken: {{value.hoursPlayed}}h {{value.minutesPlayed}}m gespielt, {{value.kdRatio}} K/D, {{value.scorePerMinute}} SPM, {{value.killsPerMinute}} KPM, {{value.accuracy}}% Genauigkeit, {{value.headshotRatio}}% Kopfschüsse
Template name Content
_link Puedes encontrar una descripción más detallada de las estadísticas de {{{name}}} aquí: {{{value}}}
accuracy {{{name}}} tiene una precisión global de {{value}}%
hours {{{name}}} jugado {{game}} durante un total de {{value}} horas
kd {{{name}}} tiene una relación k/d global de {{value.kdRatio}}
kills {{{name}}} muertos {{value}} enemigos
rank El rango actual de {{{name}}} es: {{value.rankLabel}} ({{value.rank}})
summary-short-a Estadísticas MOHW de {{{name}}}: {{value.hoursPlayed}}h {{value.minutesPlayed}}m jugadas, {{value.kdRatio}} K/D, {{value.scorePerMinute}} SPM, {{value.killsPerMinute}} KPM, {{value.accuracy}}% de precisión, {{value.headshotRatio}}% de disparos a la cabeza
Template name Content
_link Vous trouverez ici un aperçu plus détaillé des statistiques de {{{name}}}: {{{value}}}
accuracy {{{name}}} a une précision globale de {{value}}%
hours {{{name}}} joué {{game}} pour un total de {{value}} heures
kd {{{name}}} a un rapport k/d global de {{value.kdRatio}}
kills {{{name}}} tué {{value}} ennemis
rank Le rang actuel de {{{name}}} est: {{value.rankLabel}} ({{value.rank}})
summary-short-a Statistiques MOHW de {{{name}}}: {{value.hoursPlayed}}h {{value.minutesPlayed}}m jouées, {{value.kdRatio}} K/D, {{value.scorePerMinute}} SPM, {{value.killsPerMinute}} KPM, {{value.accuracy}}% de précision, {{value.headshotRatio}}% de headshots
Template name Content
_link Puoi trovare una panoramica più dettagliata delle statistiche di {{{name}}} qui: {{{value}}}
accuracy {{{name}}} ha una precisione complessiva di {{value}}%
hours {{{name}}} ha giocato {{game}} per un totale di {{value}} ore
kd {{{name}}} ha un rapporto k/d complessivo di {{value.kdRatio}}
kills {{{name}}} uccisi {{value}} nemici
rank {{{name}}}s rango attuale è: {{value.rankLabel}} ({{value.rank}})
summary-short-a Statistiche MOHW di {{{name}}}: {{value.hoursPlayed}}h {{value.minutesPlayed}}m giocato, {{value.kdRatio}} K/D, {{value.scorePerMinute}} SPM, {{value.killsPerMinute}} KPM, {{value.accuracy}}% accuratezza, {{value.headshotRatio}}% colpi alla testa
Template name Content
_link Você pode encontrar uma visão geral mais detalhada das estatísticas de {{{name}}} aqui: {{{value}}}
accuracy {{{name}}} tem uma precisão geral de {{value}}%
hours {{{name}}} jogou {{game}} por um total de {{value}} horas
kd {{{name}}} tem uma relação k/d global de {{value.kdRatio}}
kills {{{name}}} matou {{value}} inimigos
rank A classificação atual do {{{name}}} é: {{value.rankLabel}} ({{value.rank}})
summary-short-a Estatísticas MOHW de {{{name}}}: {{value.hoursPlayed}}h {{value.minutesPlayed}}m jogadas, {{value.kdRatio}} K/D, {{value.scorePerMinute}} SPM, {{value.killsPerMinute}} KPM, {{value.accuracy}}% precisão, {{value.headshotRatio}}% headshots

Finding your player id#

You can find your player id on Battlelog or using "What's my pid?".

Using "What's my pid?"#

Go to Select Medal of Honor Warfighter, select your platform and enter your in-game name. Click "Look it up" and copy the numeric pid you get back.

Using Battlelog#

Open your soldier's page on Battlelog. Look at the url bar in your browser, it should show a URL similar to The number behind stats/ is your player id.