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October 16, 2021#

  • Added VK 28.01 mit 10,5 cm L/28, M-IV-Y and WZ-113-II to World of Tanks tanks

October 12, 2021#

  • Switched to custom API to get BF1 and BFV persona ids
  • Finally disabled API access via (deprecated on February 7, 2021)
  • Finally removed the rank template from the live source for BF3, BF4 and BFH (deprecated on July 26, 2021)

October 9, 2021#

  • Added per-weapon and per-vehicle stats templates to BF1 and BFV
  • Added weapon and vehicle category stats templates to BF2
  • Added Cross of Dorn, Giuseppe Verdi, Marlborough, Novorossiysk and Ship Smasha to World of Warships ships

October 4, 2021#

  • Added support for Rainbow Six Siege

September 30, 2021#

  • Added Dawnbreaker to Dota 2 heroes
  • Added ASTRON Rex 105 mm, Object 140 CL and T110E5 CL to World of Tanks tanks

September 10, 2021#

  • Added support for World of Tanks
  • Added support for World of Warships

August 29, 2021#

  • Added per-weapon and per-map stats templates to CS:GO stats source
  • Added support for Splitgate

August 28, 2021#

  • Added support for Dota 2 on FACEIT
  • Added support for CS:GO main game stats
  • Added Canals and Cobblestone to CS:GO FACEIT source maps

August 27, 2021#

  • Added support for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) on FACEIT

July 28, 2021#

  • Added missing documentation for Dota 2 hero templates

July 27, 2021#

  • Added minutes played (in vehicle) to summary, vehicle (category) and hours templates
  • Added hours and kills template for BF2, BF1, BFV and Dota 2
  • Added accuracy and kd template for BF2, BF1 and BFV
  • Fixed incorrent calculation of BF3 KPM
  • Fixed API not finding players with certain special characters in their name
  • Fixed player names with special characters getting HTML escaped in messages returned by API

July 26, 2021#

  • Added support for Medal of Honor Warfighter
  • Added rank template for all supported Battlefield games
  • Fixed server port missing in server template for BF2
  • Removed the rank template from the live source for BF3, BF4 and BFH (only removed from documentation for now, will be removed from the API in 30 days)

July 25, 2021#

  • Added support for Battlefield Hardline
  • Added support for Battlefield 1
  • Added support for Battlefield 5
  • Added missing translations for BF3 live server template

July 24, 2021#

  • Added BF3 templates for weapon, weapon category, vehicle, vehicle category statistics
  • Upated BF4 template labels

July 20, 2021#

  • Switched to new and improved API to get BF2 persona ids

July 13, 2021#

  • Switched to new and improved API to get persona ids for BF3 and BF4

July 12, 2021#

  • Fixed number formatting in BF2, BF3 and BF4 templates

March 28, 2021#

  • Added overall hero games template for Dota 2 (hero-games-overall)
  • Fixed NaN being shown for players with 0 values for certain stats

March 25, 2021#

  • Added hours played to short-summary-a for BF2, BF3 and BF4
  • Fixed underscores in Battlelog player names causing requests to time out

March 18, 2021#

  • Added stats source for BF2, supporting BF2Hub and PlayBF2 as platforms
  • Added short stats summary template for BF2 (summary-short-a)

March 17, 2021#

  • Fixed Battlelog player search not finding the correct player in rare cases

February 20, 2021#

  • Added short stats summary template for BF3 (summary-short-a)

February 19, 2021#

  • Added short stats summary template for BF4 (summary-short-a)
  • Added ability to determine player's id on the fly when given only a name

February 7, 2021#

  • Moved API to ( will still be available for now)