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Battlefield 1

For Battlefield 1, we currently offer message templates based on the following sources:

  • Gametools/stats: Overall player stats, including statistics per weapon and vehicle

You can find more info about sources here.

Want to skip ahead to adding chat commands?

If you want to start creating and adding statbits-based commands to Nightbot, Streamlabs or StreamElements, check out our command builder. It provides a simple, graphical way of building a customized command for your chatbot of choice.

Stats source#

The stats source is available at

Supported platforms Supported types Identifiers
pc xboxone ps4 players {{playerId}}:{{playerName}}

This source can automatically determine a player's id if only a playerName was given. In order to use this feature, provide only the player's name as the identifiers parameter. You should, however, provide the playerId if you can, since determining the id requires us to make an extra API call, resulting a slightly delayed reponse.

You can find details on how to find your player id below.


General statistics#

Template name Content
_link You can find a more detailed overview of {{{name}}}'s stats here: {{{value}}}
accuracy {{{name}}} has an overall accuracy of {{value}}%
hours {{{name}}} played {{game}} for a total of {{value.hoursPlayed}}h {{value.minutesPlayed}}m
kd {{{name}}} has an overall k/d ratio of {{value}}
kills {{{name}}} killed {{value}} enemies
rank {{{name}}}'s current rank is: {{value.rankLabel}} ({{value.rank}})
summary-short-a {{{name}}}'s BF1 stats: {{value.hoursPlayed}}h {{value.minutesPlayed}}m played, {{value.killDeath}} K/D, {{value.scorePerMinute}} SPM, {{value.killsPerMinute}} KPM, {{value.accuracy}}% accuracy, {{value.headshotRatio}}% headshots
Template name Content
_link Eine detailliertere Übersicht über {{{name}}}s Statistiken findest Du hier: {{{value}}}
accuracy {{{name}}}s Treffsicherheit liegt insgesamt bei {{value}}%
hours {{{name}}} hat insgesamt {{value.hoursPlayed}}h {{value.minutesPlayed}}m lang {{game}} gespielt
kd {{{name}}} hat insgesamt eine k/d von {{value}}
kills {{{name}}} hat {{value}} Gegner getötet
rank {{{name}}}s aktueller Rang ist: {{value.rankLabel}} ({{value.rank}})
summary-short-a {{{name}}}s BF1-Statistiken: {{value.hoursPlayed}}h {{value.minutesPlayed}}m gespielt, {{value.killDeath}} K/D, {{value.scorePerMinute}} SPM, {{value.killsPerMinute}} KPM, {{value.accuracy}}% Genauigkeit, {{value.headshotRatio}}% Kopfschüsse
Template name Content
_link Puedes encontrar una descripción más detallada de las estadísticas de {{{name}}} aquí: {{{value}}}
accuracy {{{name}}} tiene una precisión global de {{value}}%
hours {{{name}}} jugado {{game}} durante un total de {{value.hoursPlayed}}h {{value.minutesPlayed}}m
kd {{{name}}} tiene una relación k/d global de {{value}}
kills {{{name}}} muertos {{value}} enemigos
rank El rango actual de {{{name}}} es: {{value.rankLabel}} ({{value.rank}})
summary-short-a Estadísticas BF1 de {{{name}}}: {{value.hoursPlayed}}h {{value.minutesPlayed}}m jugadas, {{value.killDeath}} K/D, {{value.scorePerMinute}} SPM, {{value.killsPerMinute}} KPM, {{value.accuracy}}% de precisión, {{value.headshotRatio}}% de disparos a la cabeza
Template name Content
_link Vous trouverez ici un aperçu plus détaillé des statistiques de {{{name}}}: {{{value}}}
accuracy {{{name}}} a une précision globale de {{value}}%
hours {{{name}}} joué {{game}} pour un total de {{value.hoursPlayed}}h {{value.minutesPlayed}}m
kd {{{name}}} a un rapport k/d global de {{value}}
kills {{{name}}} tué {{value}} ennemis
rank Le rang actuel de {{{name}}} est: {{value.rankLabel}} ({{value.rank}})
summary-short-a Statistiques BF1 de {{{name}}}: {{value.hoursPlayed}}h {{value.minutesPlayed}}m jouées, {{value.killDeath}} K/D, {{value.scorePerMinute}} SPM, {{value.killsPerMinute}} KPM, {{value.accuracy}}% de précision, {{value.headshotRatio}}% de headshots
Template name Content
_link Puoi trovare una panoramica più dettagliata delle statistiche di {{{name}}} qui: {{{value}}}
accuracy {{{name}}} ha una precisione complessiva di {{value}}%
hours {{{name}}} ha giocato {{game}} per un totale di {{value.hoursPlayed}}h {{value.minutesPlayed}}m
kd {{{name}}} ha un rapporto k/d complessivo di {{value}}
kills {{{name}}} uccisi {{value}} nemici
rank {{{name}}}s rango attuale è: {{value.rankLabel}} ({{value.rank}})
summary-short-a Statistiche BF1 di {{{name}}}: {{value.hoursPlayed}}h {{value.minutesPlayed}}m giocato, {{value.killDeath}} K/D, {{value.scorePerMinute}} SPM, {{value.killsPerMinute}} KPM, {{value.accuracy}}% accuratezza, {{value.headshotRatio}}% colpi alla testa
Template name Content
_link Você pode encontrar uma visão geral mais detalhada das estatísticas de {{{name}}} aqui: {{{value}}}
accuracy {{{name}}} tem uma precisão geral de {{value}}%
hours {{{name}}} jogou {{game}} por um total de {{value.hoursPlayed}}h {{value.minutesPlayed}}m
kd {{{name}}} tem uma relação k/d geral de {{value}}
kills {{{name}}} matou {{value}} inimigos
rank A classificação atual do {{{name}}} é: {{value.rankLabel}} ({{value.rank}})
summary-short-a Estatísticas BF1 de {{{name}}}: {{value.hoursPlayed}}h {{value.minutesPlayed}}m jogadas, {{value.killDeath}} K/D, {{value.scorePerMinute}} SPM, {{value.killsPerMinute}} KPM, {{value.accuracy}}% precisão, {{value.headshotRatio}}% headshots

Weapon statistics#

These templates are generic, please find a list of applicable weapons below.

Template name Content
weapon-summary Using the {{{label}}}, {{{name}}} killed {{value.kills}} enemies with {{value.accuracy}}% accuracy ({{value.killsPerMinute}} KPM, {{value.headshotRatio}}% headshots)
Template name Content
weapon-summary {{{name}}} hat mit der {{{label}}} insgesamt {{value.kills}} Gegner mit einer Treffgenauigkeit von {{value.accuracy}}% eleminiert ({{value.killsPerMinute}} KPM, {{value.headshotRatio}}% Kopfschüsse)
Template name Content
weapon-summary Usando el {{{label}}}, {{{name}}} mató a {{value.kills}} enemigos con {{value.accuracy}}% de precisión ({{value.killsPerMinute}} KPM, {{value.headshotRatio}} tiros a la cabeza)
Template name Content
weapon-summary En utilisant les {{{label}}}, {{{name}}} tués {{value.kills}} ennemis avec {{value.accuracy}} % de précision ({{value.killsPerMinute}} KPM, {{value.headshotRatio}} coups de tête)
Template name Content
weapon-summary Usando i {{{label}}}, {{{name}}} uccisi {{value.kills}} nemici con {{value.accuracy}}% di accuratezza ({{value.killsPerMinute}} KPM, {{value.headshotRatio}} colpi alla testa)
Template name Content
weapon-summary Usando {{{label}}}, {{{name}}} matou {{value.kills}} inimigos com {{value.accuracy}}% de precisão ({{value.killsPerMinute}} KPM, {{value.headshotRatio}} headshots)

Weapon category statistics#

These templates are generic, please find a list of applicable weapon categories below.

Template name Content
weapon-cat-summary Using {{{label}}}, {{{name}}} killed {{value.kills}} hostiles with {{value.accuracy}}% accuracy ({{value.killsPerMinute}} KPM, {{value.headshotRatio}}% headshots)
Template name Content
weapon-cat-summary {{{name}}} hat mit {{{label}}} {{value.kills}} Gegner mit einer Treffgenauigkeit von {{value.accuracy}}% eliminiert ({{value.killsPerMinute}} KPM, {{value.headshotRatio}}% Kopfschüsse)
Template name Content
weapon-cat-summary Usando el {{{label}}}, {{{name}}} mató a {{value.kills}} enemigos con {{value.accuracy}}% de precisión ({{value.killsPerMinute}} KPM, {{value.headshotRatio}} tiros a la cabeza)
Template name Content
weapon-cat-summary En utilisant {{{label}}}, {{{name}}} tué {{value.kills}} hostiles avec {{value.accuracy}} % de précision ({{value.killsPerMinute}} KPM, {{value.headshotRatio}} coups de tête)
Template name Content
weapon-cat-summary Usando {{{label}}}, {{{name}}} uccisi {{value.kills}} ostili con {{value.accuracy}}% di accuratezza ({{value.killsPerMinute}} KPM, {{value.headshotRatio}} colpi alla testa)
Template name Content
weapon-cat-summary Usando {{{label}}}, {{{name}}} matou {{value.kills}} hostis com {{value.accuracy}}% precisão ({{value.killsPerMinute}} KPM, {{value.headshotRatio}} headshots)

Vehicle statistics#

These templates are generic, please find a list of applicable vehicles below.

Template name Content
vehicle-summary {{{name}}} killed {{value.kills}} enemies and destroyed {{value.destroyXinY}} vehicles with the {{{label}}} ({{value.hoursIn}}h {{value.minutesIn}}m in vehicle)
Template name Content
vehicle-summary {{{name}}} hat mit dem {{{label}}} insgesamt {{value.kills}} Gegner ausgeschaltet und {{value.destroyXinY}} Fahrzeuge zerstört ({{value.hoursIn}}h {{value.minutesIn}}m im Fahrzeug)
Template name Content
vehicle-summary {{{name}}} mató a {{value.kills}} enemigos y destruyó {{value.destroyXinY}} vehículos con {{{label}}} ({{value.hoursIn}}h {{value.minutesIn}}m en el vehículo)
Template name Content
vehicle-summary {{{name}}} tué {{value.kills}} ennemis et détruit {{value.destroyXinY}} véhicules avec les {{{label}}} ({{value.hoursIn}}h {{value.minutesIn}}m dans le véhicule)
Template name Content
vehicle-summary {{{name}}} ha ucciso {{value.kills}} nemici e distrutto {{value.destroyXinY}} veicoli con {{{label}}} ({{value.hoursIn}}h {{value.minutesIn}}m in veicolo)
Template name Content
vehicle-summary {{{name}}} matou {{value.kills}} inimigos e destruiu {{value.destroyXinY}} veículos com {{{label}}} ({{value.hoursIn}}h {{value.minutesIn}}m no veículo)

Vehicle category statistics#

These templates are generic, please find a list of applicable vehicle categories below.

Template name Content
vehicle-cat-summary {{{name}}} killed {{value.kills}} hostiles and destroyed {{value.destroyXinY}} vehicles with {{{label}}} in {{value.hoursIn}}h {{value.minutesIn}}m total
Template name Content
vehicle-cat-summary {{{name}}} hat mit {{{label}}} in {{value.hoursIn}}h {{value.minutesIn}}m insgesamt {{value.kills}} Gegner ausgeschaltet und {{value.destroyXinY}} Fahrzeuge zerstört
Template name Content
vehicle-cat-summary {{{name}}} mató a {{value.kills}} hostiles y destruyó {{value.destroyXinY}} vehículos con {{{label}}} en {{value.hoursIn}}h {{value.minutesIn}}m totales
Template name Content
vehicle-cat-summary {{{name}}} tué {{value.kills}} hostiles et détruit {{value.destroyXinY}} véhicules avec {{{label}}} en {{value.hoursIn}}h {{value.minutesIn}}m au total
Template name Content
vehicle-cat-summary {{{name}}} ha ucciso {{value.kills}} nemici e distrutto {{value.destroyXinY}} veicoli con {{{label}}} in {{value.hoursIn}}h {{value.minutesIn}}m totali
Template name Content
vehicle-cat-summary {{{name}}} matou {{value.kills}} hostis e destruiu {{value.destroyXinY}} veículos com {{{label}}} em {{value.hoursIn}}h {{value.minutesIn}}m no total


The following object types and objects are available for the stats source generic templates.


This list contains all available objects of the weapon type.

URL Slug Message label
12g-automatic-backbored 12g Automatic Backbored
12g-automatic-extended 12g Automatic Extended
12g-automatic-hunter 12g Automatic Hunter
1903-hammerless 1903 Hammerless
aa-rocket-gun AA Rocket Gun
annihilator-trench Annihilator Trench
anti-tank-grenade Anti-Tank Grenade
anti-tank-mine Anti-Tank Mine
arditi-dagger Arditi Dagger
at-rocket-gun AT Rocket Gun
auto-revolver Auto Revolver
autoloading-8-25-extended Autoloading 8 .25 Extended
autoloading-8-35-factory Autoloading 8 .35 Factory
autoloading-8-35-marksman Autoloading 8 .35 Marksman
automatico-m1918-factory Automatico M1918 Factory
automatico-m1918-storm Automatico M1918 Storm
automatico-m1918-trench Automatico M1918 Trench
bar-m1918-storm BAR M1918 Storm
bar-m1918-telescopic BAR M1918 Telescopic
bar-m1918-trench BAR M1918 Trench
bar-m1918a2 BAR M1918A2
barbed-wire-bat Barbed Wire Bat
bartek-bludgeon Bartek Bludgeon
bayonet-charge Bayonet Charge
bedouin-dagger Bedouin Dagger
billhook Billhook
bodeo-1889 Bodeo 1889
broken-bottle Broken Bottle
bull-dog-revolver Bull Dog Revolver
c93 C93
c93-carbine C93 Carbine
c96 C96
c96-carbine C96 Carbine
carcano-m91-carbine Carcano M91 Carbine
carcano-m91-patrol-carbine Carcano M91 Patrol Carbine
cavalry-lance Cavalry Lance
cavalry-sword Cavalry Sword
cei-rigotti-factory Cei-Rigotti Factory
cei-rigotti-optical Cei-Rigotti Optical
cei-rigotti-trench Cei-Rigotti Trench
chauchat-low-weight Chauchat Low Weight
chauchat-telescopic Chauchat Telescopic
club Club
cogwheel-club Cogwheel Club
combat-knife Combat Knife
compact-trench-knife Compact Trench Knife
cossack-dagger Cossack Dagger
coupe-coupe Coupe Coupe
crossbow-launcher-frg Crossbow Launcher — FRG
crossbow-launcher-he Crossbow Launcher — HE
dud-club Dud Club
dynamite Dynamite
farquhar-hill-optical Farquhar-Hill Optical
farquhar-hill-storm Farquhar-Hill Storm
fedorov-avtomat-optical Fedorov Avtomat Optical
fedorov-avtomat-trench Fedorov Avtomat Trench
fedorov-degtyarev Fedorov-Degtyarev
flare-gun-flash Flare Gun — Flash
flare-gun-spot Flare Gun — Spot
frag-grenade Frag Grenade
french-butcher-knife French Butcher Knife
frommer-stop Frommer Stop
frommer-stop-auto Frommer Stop Auto
gas-grenade Gas Grenade
gasser-m1870 Gasser M1870
general-liu-rifle-factory General Liu Rifle Factory
general-liu-rifle-storm General Liu Rifle Storm
gewehr-98 Gewehr 98
gewehr-98-infantry Gewehr 98 Infantry
gewehr-98-marksman Gewehr 98 Marksman
gewehr-98-sniper Gewehr 98 Sniper
gewehr-m95 Gewehr M.95
gewehr-m95-carbine Gewehr M.95 Carbine
gewehr-m95-infantry Gewehr M.95 Infantry
gewehr-m95-marksman Gewehr M.95 Marksman
grappling-hook Grappling Hook
hatchet Hatchet
hellfighter-bolo-knife Hellfighter Bolo Knife
hellfighter-m1911 Hellfighter M1911
hellfighter-trench-shotgun Hellfighter Trench Shotgun
hellriegel-1915-defensive Hellriegel 1915 Defensive
hellriegel-1915-factory Hellriegel 1915 Factory
howdah-pistol Howdah Pistol
howell-automatic-factory Howell Automatic Factory
howell-automatic-sniper Howell Automatic Sniper
huot-automatic-low-weight Huot Automatic Low Weight
huot-automatic-optical Huot Automatic Optical
impact-grenade Impact Grenade
improvised-grenade Improvised Grenade
incendiary-grenade Incendiary Grenade
jambiya-knife Jambiya Knife
k-bullets K Bullets
kolibri Kolibri
kukri Kukri
lawrence-of-arabias-smle Lawrence of Arabia's SMLE
lebel-model-1886 Lebel Model 1886
lebel-model-1886-infantry Lebel Model 1886 Infantry
lebel-model-1886-sniper Lebel Model 1886 Sniper
lewis-gun-low-weight Lewis Gun Low Weight
lewis-gun-optical Lewis Gun Optical
lewis-gun-suppressive Lewis Gun Suppressive
light-anti-tank-grenade Light Anti-Tank Grenade
limpet-charge Limpet Charge
livens-projector Livens Projector
lmg-08-18-low-weight lMG 08/18 Low Weight
lmg-08-18-suppressive lMG 08/18 Suppressive
m1903 M1903
m1903-experimental M1903 Experimental
m1903-marksman M1903 Marksman
m1903-sniper M1903 Sniper
m1907-sl-factory M1907 SL Factory
m1907-sl-sweeper M1907 SL Sweeper
m1907-sl-trench M1907 SL Trench
m1909-benet-mercie-optical M1909 Benét–Mercié Optical
m1909-benet-mercie-storm M1909 Benét–Mercié Storm
m1909-benet-mercie-telescopic M1909 Benét–Mercié Telescopic
m1911 M1911
m1911-extended M1911 Extended
m1911a1 M1911A1
m1917-enfield-infantry M1917 Enfield Infantry
m1917-enfield-silenced M1917 Enfield Silenced
m1917-mg-low-weight M1917 MG Low Weight
m1917-mg-telescopic M1917 MG Telescopic
m1917-patrol-carbine M1917 Patrol Carbine
m1917-trench-carbine M1917 Trench Carbine
m1919-smg M1919 SMG
m97-trench-gun-backbored M97 Trench Gun Backbored
m97-trench-gun-hunter M97 Trench Gun Hunter
m97-trench-gun-sweeper M97 Trench Gun Sweeper
madsen-mg-low-weight Madsen MG Low Weight
madsen-mg-storm Madsen MG Storm
madsen-mg-trench Madsen MG Trench
mars-automatic Mars Automatic
martini-henry-grenade-launcher Martini-Henry Grenade Launcher
martini-henry-infantry Martini-Henry Infantry
martini-henry-sniper Martini-Henry Sniper
maschinenpistole-m1912-p16-experimental Maschinenpistole M1912/P.16 Experimental
maschinenpistole-m1912-p16-storm Maschinenpistole M1912/P.16 Storm
meat-cleaver Meat Cleaver
medical-syringe Medical Syringe
mg-08-15 MG 08/15
mg15-na-low-weight MG15 n.A. Low Weight
mg15-na-storm MG15 n.A. Storm
mg15-na-suppressive MG15 n.A. Suppressive
mini-grenade Mini Grenade
mle-1903 Mle 1903
mle-1903-extended Mle 1903 Extended
model-10-a-factory Model 10-A Factory
model-10-a-hunter Model 10-A Hunter
model-10-a-slug Model 10-A Slug
model-1900-factory Model 1900 Factory
model-1900-slug Model 1900 Slug
modello-1915 Modello 1915
mondragon-optical Mondragón Optical
mondragon-sniper Mondragón Sniper
mondragon-storm Mondragón Storm
mortar-air Mortar — AIR
mortar-he Mortar — HE
mosin-nagant-m38-carbine Mosin-Nagant M38 Carbine
mosin-nagant-m91 Mosin-Nagant M91
mosin-nagant-m91-infantry Mosin-Nagant M91 Infantry
mosin-nagant-m91-marksman Mosin-Nagant M91 Marksman
mp-18-experimental MP 18 Experimental
mp-18-optical MP 18 Optical
mp-18-trench MP 18 Trench
nagant-revolver Nagant Revolver
nail-knife Nail Knife
naval-cutlass Naval Cutlass
no-3-revolver No. 3 Revolver
obrez-pistol Obrez Pistol
ottoman-flanged-mace Ottoman Flanged Mace
ottoman-kilij Ottoman Kilij
p08-artillerie P08 Artillerie
p08-pistol P08 Pistol
parabellum-mg14-17-low-weight Parabellum MG14/17 Low Weight
parabellum-mg14-17-suppressive Parabellum MG14/17 Suppressive
perino-model-1908-defensive Perino Model 1908 Defensive
perino-model-1908-low-weight Perino Model 1908 Low Weight
pickaxe Pickaxe
pieper-m1893 Pieper M1893
prybar Prybar
raider-club Raider Club
red-barons-p08 Red Baron's P08
repair-tool Repair Tool
repetierpistole-m1912 Repetierpistole M1912
revolver-mk-vi Revolver Mk VI
ribeyrolles-1918-factory Ribeyrolles 1918 Factory
ribeyrolles-1918-optical Ribeyrolles 1918 Optical
rifle-grenade-frg Rifle Grenade — FRG
rifle-grenade-he Rifle Grenade — HE
rifle-grenade-smk Rifle Grenade — SMK
ross-mkiii-infantry Ross MkIII Infantry
ross-mkiii-marksman Ross MkIII Marksman
rsc-1917-factory RSC 1917 Factory
rsc-1917-optical RSC 1917 Optical
rsc-smg-factory RSC SMG Factory
rsc-smg-optical RSC SMG Optical
russian-1895 Russian 1895
russian-1895-infantry Russian 1895 Infantry
russian-1895-sniper Russian 1895 Sniper
russian-1895-trench Russian 1895 Trench
russian-award-knife Russian Award Knife
russian-axe Russian Axe
saber Saber
sawed-off-shotgun Sawed Off Shotgun
sawtooth-knife Sawtooth Knife
selbstlader-1906-factory Selbstlader 1906 Factory
selbstlader-1906-sniper Selbstlader 1906 Sniper
selbstlader-m1916-factory Selbstlader M1916 Factory
selbstlader-m1916-marksman Selbstlader M1916 Marksman
selbstlader-m1916-optical Selbstlader M1916 Optical
shovel Shovel
sickle Sickle
sjogren-inertial-factory Sjögren Inertial Factory
sjogren-inertial-slug Sjögren Inertial Slug
smg-08-18-factory SMG 08/18 Factory
smg-08-18-optical SMG 08/18 Optical
smle-mkiii SMLE MKIII
smle-mkiii-carbine SMLE MKIII Carbine
smle-mkiii-infantry SMLE MKIII Infantry
smle-mkiii-marksman SMLE MKIII Marksman
smoke-grenade Smoke Grenade
spiked-club Spiked Club
survival-knife Survival Knife
tankgewehr-m1918 Tankgewehr M1918
taschenpistole-m1914 Taschenpistole M1914
totokia Totokia
trench-fleur Trench Fleur
trench-knife Trench Knife
trench-mace Trench Mace
tripwire-bomb-gas Tripwire Bomb — GAS
tripwire-bomb-he Tripwire Bomb — HE
tripwire-bomb-inc Tripwire Bomb — INC
type-38-arisaka-infantry Type 38 Arisaka Infantry
type-38-arisaka-patrol Type 38 Arisaka Patrol
us-trench-knife US Trench Knife
vetterli-vitali-m1870-87-carbine Vetterli-Vitali M1870/87 Carbine
vetterli-vitali-m1870-87-infantry Vetterli-Vitali M1870/87 Infantry
villar-perosa Villar Perosa
welsh-blade Welsh Blade
wex Wex
wine-bottle Wine Bottle
yatagan-sword Yatagan Sword

Weapon categories#

This list contains all available objects of the weapon-category type.

URL Slug Message label
field-kits Field Kits
gadgets Gadgets
grenades Grenades
lmgs LMGs
melee-weapons Melee Weapons
rifles Rifles
self-loading-rifle Self-Loading Rifle
shotguns Shotguns
sidearms Sidearms
smgs SMGs
standard-issue-rifles Standard Issue Rifles
tanker-pilot-weapons Tanker/Pilot Weapons


This list contains all available objects of the vehicle type.

URL Slug Message label
305-52-o-coastal-gun 305/52 O Coastal Gun
37-95-scout 37/95 Scout
a7v-heavy-tank A7V Heavy Tank
aef-2-a2-attack-plane A.E.F 2-A2 Attack Plane
airco-dh10 Airco DH.10
airship-l30 Airship L30
albatros-diii-fighter Albatros D.III Fighter
armored-train Armored Train
artillery-truck Artillery Truck
bl-92-siege-gun BL 9.2 Siege Gun
bristol-f2b-attack-plane Bristol F2.B Attack Plane
c-class-airship C-Class Airship
caproni-ca5-bomber Caproni Ca.5 Bomber
char-2c Char 2C
dr1-fighter Dr.1 Fighter
dreadnought Dreadnought
ev4-armored-car EV4 Armored Car
fk-96-field-gun FK 96 Field Gun
fortress-gun Fortress Gun
ft-17-light-tank FT-17 Light Tank
ft-armored-car F.T. Armored Car
gotha-giv-bomber Gotha G.IV Bomber
halberstadt-cl-ii-attack-plane Halberstadt CL. II Attack Plane
hansa-brandenburg-gi Hansa-Brandenburg G.I
he-auto-cannon HE Auto-Cannon
heavy-machine-gun Heavy Machine Gun
horse Horse
ilya-muromets Ilya Muromets
kft-scout KFT Scout
l-class-destroyer L-Class Destroyer
m30-scout M30 Scout
mark-v-landship Mark V Landship
mas-torpedo-boat M.A.S. Torpedo Boat
mc-18j-sidecar MC 18J Sidecar
mc-35hp-sidecar MC 3.5HP Sidecar
putilov-garford Putilov Garford
qf-1-aa QF 1 AA
rnas-armored-car RNAS Armored Car
romfell-armored-car Romfell Armored Car
rumpler-ci-attack-plane Rumpler C.I Attack Plane
sopwith-camel-fighter Sopwith Camel Fighter
spad-s-xiii-fighter SPAD S XIII Fighter
st-chamond St Chamond
y-lighter-landing-craft Y Lighter Landing Craft

Vehicle categories#

This list contains all available objects of the vehicle-category type.

URL Slug Message label
airships Airships
artillery-trucks Artillery Trucks
assault-tanks Assault Tanks
assault-trucks Assault Trucks
attack-planes Attack Planes
behemoths Behemoths
boats Boats
bombers Bombers
destroyers Destroyers
fighters Fighters
heavy-bombers Heavy Bombers
heavy-tanks Heavy Tanks
horses Horses
land-vehicles Land Vehicles
landships Landships
light-tanks Light Tanks
stationary-weapons Stationary Weapons

Finding your player id#

You can find your player id using "What's my pid?".

Go to Select Battlefield 1, select PC and enter your in-game name. Click "Look it up" and copy the numeric pid you get back.