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Battlefield: Bad Company

For Battlefield: Bad Company, we currently offer message templates based on the following sources:

  • archive/archive: Overall player stats (archived)

You can find more info about sources here.

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Archive source#

The archive source is available at

Supported platforms Supported types Identifiers
ps3 xbox360 players {{playerName}}


Template name Content
accuracy {{{name}}} has an overall accuracy of {{value}}%
hours {{{name}}} played BFBC for a total of {{value.hoursPlayed}}h {{value.minutesPlayed}}m
kd {{{name}}} has an overall k/d ratio of {{value.kdRatio}}
kills {{{name}}} killed {{value.kills}} enemies
summary-short-a {{{name}}}'s BFBC stats: {{value.hoursPlayed}}h {{value.minutesPlayed}}m played, {{value.kdRatio}} K/D, {{value.scorePerMinute}} SPM, {{value.killsPerMinute}} KPM, {{value.accuracy}}% accuracy
Template name Content
accuracy {{{name}}}s Treffsicherheit liegt insgesamt bei {{value}}%
hours {{{name}}} hat insgesamt {{value.hoursPlayed}}h {{value.minutesPlayed}}m lang BFBC gespielt
kd {{{name}}} hat insgesamt eine k/d von {{value.kdRatio}}
kills {{{name}}} hat {{value.kills}} Gegner getötet
summary-short-a {{{name}}}s BFBC-Statistiken: {{value.hoursPlayed}}h {{value.minutesPlayed}}m gespielt, {{value.kdRatio}} K/D, {{value.scorePerMinute}} SPM, {{value.killsPerMinute}} KPM, {{value.accuracy}}% Genauigkeit
Template name Content
accuracy {{{name}}} tiene una precisión global de {{value}}%
hours {{{name}}} jugado BFBC durante un total de {{value.hoursPlayed}}h {{value.minutesPlayed}}m
kd {{{name}}} tiene una relación k/d global de {{value.kdRatio}}
kills {{{name}}} muertos {{value.kills}} enemigos
summary-short-a Estadísticas BFBC de {{{name}}}: {{value.hoursPlayed}}h {{value.minutesPlayed}}m jugadas, {{value.kdRatio}} K/D, {{value.scorePerMinute}} SPM, {{value.killsPerMinute}} KPM, {{value.accuracy}}% de precisión
Template name Content
accuracy {{{name}}} a une précision globale de {{value}}%
hours {{{name}}} joué BFBC pour un total de {{value.hoursPlayed}}h {{value.minutesPlayed}}m
kd {{{name}}} a un rapport k/d global de {{value.kdRatio}}
kills {{{name}}} tué {{value.kills}} ennemis
summary-short-a Statistiques BFBC de {{{name}}}: {{value.hoursPlayed}}h {{value.minutesPlayed}}m jouées, {{value.kdRatio}} K/D, {{value.scorePerMinute}} SPM, {{value.killsPerMinute}} KPM, {{value.accuracy}}% de précision
Template name Content
accuracy {{{name}}} ha una precisione complessiva di {{value}}%
hours {{{name}}} ha giocato BFBC per un totale di {{value.hoursPlayed}}h {{value.minutesPlayed}}m
kd {{{name}}} ha un rapporto k/d complessivo di {{value.kdRatio}}
kills {{{name}}} uccisi {{value.kills}} nemici
summary-short-a Statistiche BFBC di {{{name}}}: {{value.hoursPlayed}}h {{value.minutesPlayed}}m giocato, {{value.kdRatio}} K/D, {{value.scorePerMinute}} SPM, {{value.killsPerMinute}} KPM, {{value.accuracy}}% accuratezza
Template name Content
accuracy {{{name}}} tem uma precisão geral de {{value}}%
hours {{{name}}} jogou BFBC por um total de {{value.hoursPlayed}}h {{value.minutesPlayed}}m
kd {{{name}}} tem uma relação k/d global de {{value.kdRatio}}
kills {{{name}}} matou {{value.kills}} inimigos
summary-short-a Estatísticas BFBC de {{{name}}}: {{value.hoursPlayed}}h {{value.minutesPlayed}}m jogadas, {{value.kdRatio}} K/D, {{value.scorePerMinute}} SPM, {{value.killsPerMinute}} KPM, {{value.accuracy}}% precisão