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World of Warships

For World of Warships, we currently offer message templates based on the following sources:

  • Overall player statistics, including statistics per ship

You can find more info about sources here.

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Stats source#

The stats source is available at

World of Warships does not use platforms in the "traditional" sense. Instead, the playerbase is split into multiple realms based on regions. However, we use these realms as "platforms".

Supported platforms Supported types Identifiers
asia, eu, na, ru players {{playerId}}:{{playerName}}

This source can automatically determine a player's id if only a playerName was given. In order to use this feature, provide only the player's name as the identifiers parameter. You should, however, provide the playerId if you can, since determining the id requires us to make an extra API call, resulting a slightly delayed reponse.

You can find details on how to find your player id below.


General statistics#

Template name Content
_link You can find a more detailed overview of {{{name}}}'s stats here: {{{value}}}
accuracy {{{name}}} has an overall accuracy of {{value.accuracy}}%
kd {{{name}}} has an overall k/d ratio of {{value.kdRatio}}
summary-short-a {{{name}}}'s WoWS stats: {{value.totalBattles}} battles played, {{value.kdRatio}} K/D, {{value.accuracy}}% accuracy, {{value.survivalRate}}% survival rate, {{value.winRate}}% win rate
win-loss In total, {{{name}}} won {{value.wonBattles}} battles while losing {{value.lostBattles}} ({{value.drawnBattles}} draws, {{value.winRate}}% win rate)
Template name Content
_link Eine detailliertere Übersicht über {{{name}}}s Statistiken findest Du hier: {{{value}}}
accuracy {{{name}}}s Treffsicherheit liegt insgesamt bei {{value.accuracy}}%
kd {{{name}}} hat insgesamt eine k/d von {{value.kdRatio}}
summary-short-a {{{name}}}s WoWS-Statistiken: {{value.totalBattles}} Schlachten gespielt, {{value.kdRatio}} K/D, {{value.accuracy}}% Genauigkeit, {{value.survivalRate}}% Überlebensrate, {{value.winRate}}% Gewinnrate
win-loss {{{name}}} hat insgesamt {{value.wonBattles}} Schlachten gewonnen und {{value.lostBattles}} verloren ({{value.drawnBattles}} Unentschieden, {{value.winRate}}% Gewinnrate)
Template name Content
_link Puedes encontrar una descripción más detallada de las estadísticas de {{{name}}} aquí: {{{value}}}
accuracy {{{name}}} tiene una precisión global de {{value.accuracy}}%
kd {{{name}}} tiene una relación k/d global de {{value.kdRatio}}
summary-short-a Estadísticas WoWS de {{{name}}}: {{value.totalBattles}} batallas jugadas, {{value.kdRatio}} K/D, {{value.accuracy}}% de precisión, {{value.survivalRate}}% de tasa de supervivencia, {{value.winRate}}% de tasa de victorias
win-loss En total, {{{name}}} ganó {{value.wonBattles}} batallas al perder {{value.lostBattles}} ({{value.drawnBattles}} dibuja, {{value.winRate}}% de tasa de victorias)
Template name Content
_link Vous trouverez ici un aperçu plus détaillé des statistiques de {{{name}}}: {{{value}}}
accuracy {{{name}}} a une précision globale de {{value.accuracy}}%
kd {{{name}}} a un rapport k/d global de {{value.kdRatio}}
summary-short-a Statistiques WoWS de {{{name}}}: {{value.totalBattles}} batailles jouées, {{value.kdRatio}} K/D, {{value.accuracy}}% de précision, {{value.survivalRate}}% de taux de survie, {{value.winRate}}% de taux de victoire
win-loss Au total, {{{name}}} a gagné {{value.wonBattles}} batailles tout en perdant {{value.lostBattles}} ({{value.drawnBattles}} matchs nuls, {{value.winRate}}% de taux de victoire)
Template name Content
_link Puoi trovare una panoramica più dettagliata delle statistiche di {{{name}}} qui: {{{value}}}
accuracy {{{name}}} ha una precisione complessiva di {{value.accuracy}}%
kd {{{name}}} ha un rapporto k/d complessivo di {{value.kdRatio}}
summary-short-a Statistiche WoWS di {{{name}}}: {{value.totalBattles}} battaglie giocate, {{value.kdRatio}} K/D, {{value.accuracy}}% accuratezza, {{value.survivalRate}}% tasso di sopravvivenza, {{value.winRate}}% tasso di vincita
win-loss In totale, {{{name}}} ha vinto {{value.wonBattles}} partite battaglie e ne ha perse {{value.lostBattles}} ({{value.drawnBattles}} pareggi, {{value.winRate}}% tasso di vincita)
Template name Content
_link Você pode encontrar uma visão geral mais detalhada das estatísticas de {{{name}}} aqui: {{{value}}}
accuracy {{{name}}} tem uma precisão geral de {{value.accuracy}}%
kd {{{name}}} tem uma relação k/d global de {{value.kdRatio}}
summary-short-a Estatísticas WoWS de {{{name}}}: {{value.totalBattles}} batalhas jogadas, {{value.kdRatio}} K/D, {{value.accuracy}}% precisão, {{value.survivalRate}}% taxa de sobrevivência, {{value.winRate}}% taxa de vitória
win-loss No total, {{{name}}} ganhou {{value.wonBattles}} jogos enquanto perde {{value.lostBattles}} ({{value.drawnBattles}} empates, {{value.winRate}}% taxa de vitória)

Ship statistics#

These templates cover a player's performance on a per-ship basis. The templates are generic, please find a list of applicable ships below.

Template name Content
ship-win-loss Using the {{{label}}}, {{{name}}} won {{value.wonBattles}} of {{value.totalBattles}} battles ({{value.winRate}}% win rate)
Template name Content
ship-win-loss {{{name}}} hat mit dem {{{label}}} insgesamt {{value.wonBattles}} von {{value.totalBattles}} Schlachten gewonnen ({{value.winRate}}% Gewinnrate)
Template name Content
ship-win-loss Usando el {{{label}}}, {{{name}}} ganó {{value.wonBattles}} de {{value.totalBattles}} batallas ({{value.winRate}}% de tasa de victorias)
Template name Content
ship-win-loss En utilisant le {{{label}}}, {{{name}}} a gagné {{value.wonBattles}} des {{value.totalBattles}} batailles ({{value.winRate}}% de taux de victoire)
Template name Content
ship-win-loss Usando il {{{label}}}, {{{name}}} ha vinto {{value.wonBattles}} di {{value.totalBattles}} battaglie ({{value.winRate}}% tasso di vincita)
Template name Content
ship-win-loss Usando o {{{label}}}, {{{name}}} ganhou {{value.wonBattles}} de {{value.totalBattles}} batalhas ({{value.winRate}}% taxa de vitória)



URL Slug Message label
acasta Acasta
admiral-graf-spee Admiral Graf Spee
admiral-hipper Admiral Hipper
admiral-makarov Admiral Makarov
admiral-nakhimov Admiral Nakhimov
admiral-schroeder Admiral Schröder
admiral-ushakov Admiral Ushakov
adriatico Adriatico
aegir Ägir
agano Agano
agincourt Agincourt
aigle Aigle
akatsuki Akatsuki
akizuki Akizuki
al-avrora AL Avrora
al-azuma AL Azuma
al-littorio AL Littorio
al-montpelier AL Montpelier
al-sov-rossiya AL Sov. Rossiya
al-yukikaze AL Yukikaze
alabama Alabama
alabama-st Alabama ST
alabama-vl Alabama VL
alaska Alaska
alaska-b Alaska B
albany Albany
albemarle Albemarle
alberto-di-giussano Alberto di Giussano
alexander-nevsky Alexander Nevsky
algerie Algérie
almirante-abreu Almirante Abreu
alsace Alsace
alvaro-de-bazan Álvaro de Bazán
amagi Amagi
amalfi Amalfi
anchorage Anchorage
andrea-doria Andrea Doria
anhalt Anhalt
annapolis Annapolis
anshan Anshan
aoba Aoba
aquila Aquila
arizona Arizona
ark-royal Ark Royal
arkansas-beta Arkansas Beta
arp-ashigara ARP Ashigara
arp-haguro ARP Haguro
arp-haruna ARP Haruna
arp-hiei ARP Hiei
arp-kirishima ARP Kirishima
arp-kongo ARP Kongō
arp-maya ARP Maya
arp-myoko ARP Myōkō
arp-nachi ARP Nachi
arp-takao ARP Takao
arp-yamato ARP Yamato
asashio Asashio
asashio-b Asashio B
ashitaka Ashitaka
atago Atago
atago-b Atago B
atlanta Atlanta
atlanta-b Atlanta B
atlantico Atlântico
attilio-regolo Attilio Regolo
audacious Audacious
august-von-parseval August von Parseval
aurora Aurora
austin Austin
aviere Aviere
azuma Azuma
bagration Bagration
bajie Bajie
baltimore Baltimore
bayard Bayard
bayern Bayern
bearn Béarn
belfast Belfast
belfast-43 Belfast '43
bellerophon Bellerophon
benham Benham
benson Benson
bismarck Bismarck
black Black
black-swan Black Swan
blyskawica Błyskawica
bogatyr Bogatyr
boise Boise
borodino Borodino
bougainville Bougainville
bourgogne Bourgogne
bourrasque Bourrasque
brandenburg Brandenburg
brest Brest
bretagne Bretagne
brindisi Brindisi
budyonny Budyonny
buffalo Buffalo
caledon Caledon
california California
campbeltown Campbeltown
canarias Canarias
carnot Carnot
celebes Celebes
champagne Champagne
chapayev Chapayev
charles-martel Charles Martel
charleston Charleston
chengan Chengan
cherbourg Cherbourg
cheshire Cheshire
chester Chester
chikuma Chikuma
chkalov Chkalov
chumphon Chumphon
chung-mu Chung Mu
chungking Chungking
clausewitz Clausewitz
clemson Clemson
cleveland Cleveland
colbert Colbert
collingwood Collingwood
colorado Colorado
conde Condé
congress Congress
connecticut Connecticut
conqueror Conqueror
constellation Constellation
conte-di-cavour Conte di Cavour
cossack Cossack
cossack-b Cossack B
courbet Courbet
cristoforo-colombo Cristoforo Colombo
cross-of-dorn Cross of Dorn
curtatone Curtatone
cyclops Cyclops
dalarna Dalarna
dalian Dalian
dallas Dallas
danae Danae
dante-alighieri Dante Alighieri
daring Daring
dd-r-10 DD R-10
de-grasse De Grasse
de-ruyter De Ruyter
de-zeven-provincien De Zeven Provinciën
delny Delny
derfflinger Derfflinger
derzki Derzki
des-moines Des Moines
devonshire Devonshire
diana Diana
diana-lima Diana Lima
dido Dido
dmitri-donskoi Dmitri Donskoi
drake Drake
dreadnought Dreadnought
dresden Dresden
druid Druid
duca-daosta Duca d'Aosta
duca-degli-abruzzi Duca degli Abruzzi
duguay-trouin Duguay-Trouin
duke-of-york Duke of York
duncan Duncan
dunkerque Dunkerque
dunkerque-b Dunkerque B
eagle Eagle
eastern-dragon Eastern Dragon
edgar Edgar
edinburgh Edinburgh
eendracht Eendracht
elbing Elbing
emden Emden
emerald Emerald
emile-bertin Émile Bertin
enseigne-gabolde Enseigne Gabolde
enterprise Enterprise
erich-loewenhardt Erich Loewenhardt
erie Erie
eritrea Eritrea
ernst-gaede Ernst Gaede
exeter Exeter
farragut Farragut
felix-schultz Felix Schultz
fenyang Fenyang
fiji Fiji
flandre Flandre
fletcher Fletcher
flint Flint
florida Florida
forrest-sherman Forrest Sherman
fr25 FR25
francesco-caracciolo Francesco Caracciolo
franklin-d-roosevelt Franklin D. Roosevelt
friant Friant
friedrich-der-grosse Friedrich der Grosse
friesland Friesland
fubuki Fubuki
fujin Fūjin
furious Furious
furutaka Furutaka
fushun Fushun
fusilier Fusilier
fuso Fusō
g-101 G-101
gadjah-mada Gadjah Mada
gallant Gallant
gangut Gangut
gascogne Gascogne
gearing Gearing
gelderland Gelderland
genova Genova
georgia Georgia
gibraltar Gibraltar
giulio-cesare Giulio Cesare
giuseppe-verdi Giuseppe Verdi
gneisenau Gneisenau
gnevny Gnevny
gokase Gokase
goliath Goliath
gorizia Gorizia
gouden-leeuw Gouden Leeuw
graf-zeppelin Graf Zeppelin
graf-zeppelin-b Graf Zeppelin B
gremyashchy Gremyashchy
groningen Groningen
grosser-kurfuerst Grosser Kurfürst
grozovoi Grozovoi
gryf Gryf
guepard Guépard
gustav-julius-maerker Gustav-Julius Maerker
haarlem Haarlem
haida Haida
hakuryu Hakuryū
halland Halland
hampshire Hampshire
hannover Hannover
harbin Harbin
harugumo Harugumo
hashidate Hashidate
hatsuharu Hatsuharu
hawke Hawke
hawkins Hawkins
hayate Hayate
helena Helena
henri-iv Henri IV
hermelin Hermelin
hermes Hermes
hill Hill
hindenburg Hindenburg
hizen Hizen
hood Hood
hornet Hornet
hosho Hōshō
hsf-admiral-graf-spee HSF Admiral Graf Spee
hsf-harekaze HSF Harekaze
hsf-harekaze-ii HSF Harekaze II
hsf-hiei HSF Hiei
hsienyang Hsienyang
huanghe Huanghe
huron Huron
hyuga Hyūga
ibuki Ibuki
icarus Icarus
ignis-purgatio Ignis Purgatio
imperator-nikolai-i Imperator Nikolai I
implacable Implacable
incomparable Incomparable
indefatigable Indefatigable
indianapolis Indianapolis
indomitable Indomitable
iowa Iowa
irian Irian
iron-duke Iron Duke
ise Ise
ishizuchi Ishizuchi
isokaze Isokaze
iwaki-alpha Iwaki Alpha
iwami Iwami
izmail Izmail
izumo Izumo
izyaslav Izyaslav
jaguar Jaguar
java Java
jean-bart Jean Bart
jean-bart-b Jean Bart B
jervis Jervis
jianwei Jianwei
jinan Jinan
johan-de-witt Johan de Witt
jurien-de-la-graviere Jurien de la Gravière
jurua Juruá
jutland Jutland
kaga Kaga
kaga-b Kaga B
kagero Kagerō
kaiser Kaiser
kamikaze Kamikaze
kamikaze-r Kamikaze R
kansas Kansas
karl-von-schoenberg Karl von Schönberg
karlsruhe Karlsruhe
katori Katori
kawachi Kawachi
kearsarge Kearsarge
khabarovsk Khabarovsk
kidd Kidd
kiev Kiev
kii Kii
kijkduin Kijkduin
king-george-v King George V
kirov Kirov
kitakami Kitakami
kitakaze Kitakaze
klas-horn Klas Horn
kleber Kléber
knyaz-suvorov Knyaz Suvorov
koenig König
koenig-albert König Albert
koenigsberg Königsberg
kolberg Kolberg
komsomolets Komsomolets
kongo Kongō
kotovsky Kotovsky
krasny-krym Krasny Krym
kremlin Kremlin
kronshtadt Kronshtadt
kuma Kuma
la-galissonniere La Galissonnière
langley Langley
lappland Lappland
lazo Lazo
le-fantasque Le Fantasque
le-terrible Le Terrible
leander Leander
leberecht-maass Leberecht Maass
lenin Lenin
leningrad Leningrad
leone Leone
lepanto Lepanto
lexington Lexington
lightning Lightning
lion Lion
london London
longjiang Longjiang
loyang Loyang
loyang-b Loyang B
luca-tarigo Luca Tarigo
lyon Lyon
mackensen Mackensen
maestrale Maestrale
mahan Mahan
mainz Mainz
malta Malta
manfred-von-richthofen Manfred von Richthofen
marblehead Marblehead
marblehead-lima Marblehead Lima
marceau Marceau
marco-polo Marco Polo
marlborough Marlborough
marseille Marseille
massachusetts Massachusetts
massachusetts-b Massachusetts B
max-immelmann Max Immelmann
maya Maya
mecklenburg Mecklenburg
medea Medea
midway Midway
mikasa Mikasa
mikhail-kutuzov Mikhail Kutuzov
mikoyan Mikoyan
minekaze Minekaze
minnesota Minnesota
minotaur Minotaur
minsk Minsk
missouri Missouri
mogador Mogador
mogami Mogami
molotov Molotov
moltke Moltke
monaghan Monaghan
monarch Monarch
montana Montana
moskva Moskva
muenchen München
murmansk Murmansk
musashi Musashi
mutsu Mutsu
mutsuki Mutsuki
myogi Myōgi
myoko Myōkō
mysore Mysore
nagato Nagato
napoli Napoli
nassau Nassau
nazario-sauro Nazario Sauro
nelson Nelson
neptune Neptune
neustrashimy Neustrashimy
new-mexico New Mexico
new-orleans New Orleans
new-york New York
nicholas Nicholas
nino-bixio Nino Bixio
normandie Normandie
north-carolina North Carolina
novik Novik
novorossiysk Novorossiysk
nuernberg Nürnberg
nueve-de-julio Nueve de Julio
ochakov Ochakov
odin Odin
oeland Öland
oestergoetland Östergötland
ognevoi Ognevoi
ohio Ohio
okhotnik Okhotnik
oklahoma Oklahoma
oktyabrskaya-revolutsiya Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya
oleg Oleg
omaha Omaha
omono Omono
orion Orion
orkan Orkan
orlan Orlan
paolo-emilio Paolo Emilio
patrie Patrie
pensacola Pensacola
perth Perth
petropavlovsk Petropavlovsk
phoenix Phoenix
phra-ruang Phra Ruang
plymouth Plymouth
pobeda Pobeda
podvoisky Podvoisky
poltava Poltava
pommern Pommern
pommern-b Pommern B
preussen Preussen
prinz-eitel-friedrich Prinz Eitel Friedrich
prinz-eugen Prinz Eugen
prinz-heinrich Prinz Heinrich
prinz-rupprecht Prinz Rupprecht
puerto-rico Puerto Rico
pyotr-bagration Pyotr Bagration
pyotr-velikiy Pyotr Velikiy
queen-elizabeth Queen Elizabeth
queen-mary Queen Mary
ragnar Ragnar
ragnarok Ragnarok
rahmat Rahmat
raimondo-montecuccoli Raimondo Montecuccoli
ranger Ranger
renown Renown
republique République
repulse Repulse
rhein Rhein
richelieu Richelieu
riga Riga
rio-de-janeiro Rio de Janeiro
rochester Rochester
roma Roma
romulus Romulus
rooke Rooke
roon Roon
ryujo Ryūjō
saint-louis Saint-Louis
saipan Saipan
saipan-b Saipan B
salem Salem
sampson Sampson
san-diego San Diego
sanzang Sanzang
satsuma Satsuma
scharnhorst Scharnhorst
scharnhorst-b Scharnhorst B
schlieffen Schlieffen
seattle Seattle
sejong Sejong
sekiryu Sekiryu
serov Serov
sevastopol Sevastopol
shchors Shchors
shenyang Shenyang
shikishima Shikishima
shimakaze Shimakaze
shimanto Shimanto
shinonome Shinonome
ship-smasha Ship Smasha
shiratsuyu Shiratsuyu
shokaku Shōkaku
siegfried Siegfried
siliwangi Siliwangi
sims Sims
sims-b Sims B
sinop Sinop
siroco Siroco
skane Skåne
slava Slava
smaland Småland
smith Smith
smolensk Smolensk
somers Somers
south-carolina South Carolina
southern-dragon Southern Dragon
sovetsky-soyuz Sovetsky Soyuz
st-lawrence St. Lawrence
st-louis St. Louis
st-vincent St. Vincent
stalingrad Stalingrad
stalingrad-2 STALINGRAD #2
storozhevoi Storozhevoi
strasbourg Strasbourg
surrey Surrey
svietlana Svietlana
t-22 T-22
t-61 T-61
tachibana Tachibana
tachibana-lima Tachibana Lima
takahashi Takahashi
tallinn Tallinn
taranto Taranto
tashkent Tashkent
tatra Tátra
tenryu Tenryū
texas Texas
thunderer Thunderer
tiger Tiger
tiger-59 Tiger '59
tirpitz Tirpitz
tirpitz-b Tirpitz B
tokachi Tokachi
tone Tone
toulon Toulon
trento Trento
tromp Tromp
tulsa Tulsa
turbine Turbine
turenne Turenne
udaloi Udaloi
umikaze Umikaze
united-states United States
v-170 V-170
v-25 V-25
vaesteras Västerås
valkyrie Valkyrie
vallejo Vallejo
vampire Vampire
vampire-ii Vampire II
van-kinsbergen Van Kinsbergen
vanguard Vanguard
varyag Varyag
vauquelin Vauquelin
velos Velos
venezia Venezia
vermont Vermont
viribus-unitis Viribus Unitis
visby Visby
vittorio-cuniberti Vittorio Cuniberti
vittorio-veneto Vittorio Veneto
vladivostok Vladivostok
von-der-tann Von der Tann
w-virginia-1941 W. Virginia 1941
wakatake Wakatake
wakeful Wakeful
warspite Warspite
weimar Weimar
werner-voss Werner Voss
weser Weser
weymouth Weymouth
wichita Wichita
wickes Wickes
worcester Worcester
wujing Wujing
wukong Wukong
wyoming Wyoming
yahagi Yahagi
yamagiri Yamagiri
yamato Yamato
yodo Yodo
yorck Yorck
yoshino Yoshino
yoshino-b Yoshino B
yubari Yūbari
yudachi Yūdachi
yueyang Yueyang
yugumo Yūgumo
yukon Yukon
z-23 Z-23
z-31 Z-31
z-35 Z-35
z-39 Z-39
z-44 Z-44
z-46 Z-46
z-52 Z-52
zao Zaō
zara Zara
zf-6 ZF-6
zieten Zieten
zorkiy Zorkiy

Finding your player id#

You can find your player id on the World of Warships website.

On the profile page, take a look at the URL bar of your browser. It should show a URL similar to The number between accounts/ and -{{username}} is your played id (1040402943 in this case).