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General questions#

Is there an easy way to get a Twitch chatbot command that fetches a message from statbits?

Yes, there is. You can use your grapical command builder to easily create commands for Nightbot, Streamlabs and StreamElements. We are also working on tutorials for Moobot, since Moobot does not offer a way of simply copy and pasting a command due to their graphical approach to command building.

I have killed 10 more enemies. Why does statbits still say I have the same number of kills as before?

There a few different possible reasons for why our data may seem or be not quite up to date.

  1. Most games only update stats once a round/match has ended. So new data will not be available until then. Please note that even if you leave a round or match, your stats will usually only update once that round has finished.
  2. We cache data in order to improve responsiveness and to put less load on our data souces. If you fetch a template in short succession, you may receive the template rendered based on the existing, cached data. You can find more details about what data we cache for how long in the data sources section.
Why does Battlefield 2 not have templates for individual weapon/vehicle statistics?

Battlefield 2 does not track statistics per weapon or vehicle. Vehicle and weapon stats are only tracked in categories. Meaning that, for example, stats for the M1 Abrams, T-90, Type 98, Challenger 2 and L2A6 tanks are collectively tracked under the Armor category.

Will statbits ever insert ads into chat messages?

This is an easy one: No, we will not.